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Unique & Inexpensive gift ideas to thank your teachers

Is it that time of the year again when you have to think what gift you should get your teacher to thank them for their support throughout the semester?   You want to be original yet you do not want to spend a fortune, especially if you have multiple gifts to buy for your multiple teachers and you are on a tight budget.

Here are a few gift ideas to make your quest a little bit easier to complete and you can find all these gifts under the same roof!  

A beauty

A Beauty Gift box containing a hand cream, two scented soaps and a small hand towel.  Price €13.00

A scented

A small scented candle, composed of a 100% cotton wick and a high quality wax which provides a sophisticated smell throughout the room.  Price €12.00

Box of Soap

A box of refined and dlicately scented soap sheets to keep handy when ever you need to wash your hands.  Price €8.00


Scented plaster decoration of a cherub, hand crafted and perfumed.  .  Price €5.00


This small home fragrance diffuser comes in a decorative bottle, in various scents to choose from and once it is finished it can be refilled over and over again.  Price €12.00


A small squarish or oval photo frame in 11 x 11 x 1.5 cm, in french inspired design. Price €8.00

Make up

A practical and elegant makeup pouch in velet.  Price €11.00

All these gifts and many more are available from  the new concept store, FINESSE – Home, Beauty & Giftware in Msida Valley Road in Birkirkara.  

Click this link to find out more!

Email us on info@finesse.com.mt.



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